Friday, June 28, 2013


I do this thing where I time the placement of my index finger's first joint to touch the bottom of my thumb pad when something unexpected happens in my environment. I've been doing this for so many years now that I can time that touch exactly as something unexpected happens around matter what I'm doing. It happens unconsciously if my body can make decisions on its own separate from my own conscious decisions. This has shortened my reflex times dramatically. It's as if I can feel vibrations around me and based on mass and velocity of an item, I can do this reflexive action extremely fast and with proportional control based on what exactly is happening (due to potential danger, the finger movement would combine itself with an immediate link into a specific
body movement). I suppose this is related to responsibility that I've become to be more connected with. When I would spar with my opponents, it would sometimes feel like their punches were moving in slow motion. This allowed me to not worry about his punches and just perceive him as a whole entity and the intention behind the "whole movement" or "no movement".

I only do the "finger tap" motion when I have some feeling that it is necessary to receive from a Zero-point. Usually, this will be something unexpected that is communicating some potential danger due to vibrational activity I feel in the environment or see via the rods of the visual system (this is of extreme not constantly track objects with your fovic/central vision. You actually see change much slower that way. It seems to have been designed that way on purpose). If something was of no threat (cooperative vibration to my own) and unexpected, then there would be no movement on my part unless I place a decision to "do it just for fun" into the future. The total movement that I specifically do has changed a little over time, but it is basically a hand gesture of some sort. It feels intuitive and harmonious when I do this. After I complete this motion, I have communicated back with the environment leaving no crash or chaos potentiality.

Sometimes, danger will be in a very close proximity, and my body will move in such a way that I cannot replicate this motion with normal thought. This is me simply completing a cycle so there is no gaps anywhere. When there are gaps, chaos usually ensues when too much mass is projected in such a way that doesnt have an equalizer of some sort to synchronize the flow to a controlled static. When two wavelengths of communication are synchronized through some sort of emotional connection (intuition in this case), are adherent to the same laws, and are simple (offering convenience), pure (intent is consistent), and beautiful (offering the most cooperation/aesthetics), then the waves will resolve to no wavelength (a reducing static flat line) increasing the understanding due to the shortest distance between two points (straight). This is finalized by the postulation of just a zero-point receipt (communication no longer necessary) due to full acceptance as is and thus the total ownership of.


Anonymous said...

Anthony, perhaps you could explain further on the peripheral vision especially in the context of perception of zero. I'm not sure if I'm doing it right but looking sideways does strain the eyes and blurs out your general viewpoint.
Appreciate your guidance.

Thanks ... rakesh

SynTerm said...

I am going to work on explaining more of the details in future posts. This is a gradual process that I need to do in a specific sequence with gradually increasing levels of truth. I am literally trying to convey my reality in such a way that there will always be something within grasp.

A quick note in regards to your viewpoint....if you are "straining" in're resisting. You are not truly representing a "0" and thus are adding +'s and -'s to the incoming communication.

One interesting fact is once your eyes have scanned the environment just once with your fovea, there is no need to even move your eyes at all. Move your body while your eyes stay relaxed and centered, and then the rods of the visual system will take care of all movement change. A high resolution image is already stored within your mind's eye and can be recalled at will when necessary.

In other words, after the initial scan of an environment, you no longer even need to move your eyes at all. All that matters is that the fovea had a chance to pick up the image once. With this understanding, you will realize that you see a lot more of what is going on in the environment once you relax your eyes and quit trying to follow motion with your fovea or central vision.

Anonymous said...

Anthony ... got it ... thanks!

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