Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Time Distortion

This post will address a current and ongoing project I've been working on. To be able to control and distort time has always been a fascination of mine. Here is a breakdown of where I'm at now.


How you see time now will determine where you start. All beliefs are created from a certain viewpoint. Everything will be limited to how far out you can see, and how far out you are willing to go.  If you find yourself getting "stuck", you either need to change physical location or your current mindset. If you are inflexible in this regard, you will consistently hit roadblocks.

Belief System

Your perception will create a belief system. You have to first believe that it may
be possible before anything can actually be done. This is why everyone always says, "Believe in yourself". This is to encourage you to reflect your true self through true intention. If you don't believe something can be done, then that is all that is needed to stop you. Most people just believe what is most convenient at that time. If you don't believe... yet you do want to achieve, then try to exercise your perceptive skills. You believe what you believe based on certain specific things, and you need to examine why... while simultaneously excluding all assumptions. Your belief system might be based on fear, or something from your past that you haven't taken responsibility for.

Delivery System

Once you have a belief system that is conducive to understanding yourself as well as your environment, then you can work on your delivery system. In this case, this will be how you communicate with your body and your environment. Without a proper delivery system, the belief system will be useless because you are not taking proper action. You need to investigate how to take care of yourself, and communicate your true self to the world. The success of any delivery system will be based on:
  • How convenient it is
  • How consistent it is
  • How cooperative it is
The key here is it has to adhere to all 3 at the same time. If the idea was to make someone feel good, then you need to do all 3 at the same time. How you make them feel good needs to be:
  • Something simple and easily replicated
  • Something done with constant effort and diligence
  • Something done to help increase their well-being
If you do all 3 at the same time,  it will succeed. This is called The Law Of Workability

  • Total Personal Responsibility
  • Constant Resonance of True Intentions
  • Increase Responsibility sphere around yourself to gradually include anything in your environment
  • True Intentions within the sphere leads to True Love for and ultimate understanding of
True Love and Time

True Love = absolute desire to occupy the same space. Time is really just a relationship between one thing and another. To the degree that the two occupy the same space, the relationship will reflect more and more love and time will distort. Once they become one, time would no longer exist between the two. The more you take responsibility with True Intentions, the more time will distort until it completely disappears (oneness with the universe). It is important to understand that "oneness" in this context does not mean loss off individuality. In this case, Im referring to an "ultimate connectivity" while still retaining your own personal viewpoint....which is outside physicality.

You can control this distortion based on your level of True Intention and Responsibility. This is when you are entering into a "timeless state". In this state, you are becoming one with the environment by having no resistance within yourself nor the environment. "Flow state" is when this timeless state of no resistance is applied to one specific task while using the left analytical brain in conjunction with the right emotional brain simultaneously. This act balanced and centered will usually result in a Genius of that activity.


The idea here is to push your awareness and perception to its limits and beyond. Then, build a belief system that reflects the ability to have Love for everyone. Take that understanding, and then deliver it to the world properly. Increase your responsibility level by admitting to yourself that you can be the cause or effect of anything you want with no limits. Be diligent in your actions and intent, and work towards increasing the size of your responsibility sphere. By increasing its size, you are taking responsibility for what's in it, and thus time is easily controllable. Remember, time is really only a consideration that is relative....and thus is just an illusion.


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