Thursday, July 4, 2013


If you're afraid to lose something, then you never really own it. Through your fear of loss, it actually owns you.


If you are telling people to "not accept" or resist certain postulates, you have to ask yourself, will they have any understanding of it if they do so? And if said postulates come along and present a problem of some sort, who do you think will be able to handle said problem? If you resist, you cannot accept and subsequently work towards an understanding. He who has no understanding cannot resolve any matter in regards to said postulate. Therefore, without understanding, he cannot have any control of the effects emanating from said

This means he is at the total mercy of said postulate....which is a reflection from his lack of knowledge, willingness to admit cause, and current level of control. This person will now become afraid due to his inability to hold a position (power generating potential) in regards to said postulate, and thus is owned by the very thing he resists and subsequently doesn't understand. This fear is usually displayed via a withholding of freedom (you can't have or you don't need that) or the redirection of attention (you shouldn't learn that, forms of shame to cause guilt, are you a part of this group or not?, a potential loss of belonging due to a noticed low level of self-determinism, or the creation of beautiful confusion).

If ownership is directly based on level of understanding and control, then it will serve you well to understand everything you can. This means you need to fully accept and confront everything as it is. And because understanding is directly proportional to the amount of love (desire to occupy the same space) you have for something, then it will also serve you well to love everything you can. Then, you will have nothing to lose, because you can fully accept the total responsibility of static control that which emanates from the greatest love for everything.

The knowledge gained from this enables you to postulate a reality in which you can control its creation (ownership) and counter-creation (erasure). Then, you have the total freedom to choose whether or not the "loss" will even exist, because you have learned things both ways and have a total understanding of something and its environmental relationships. This total responsibility means your ownership is way above just protecting or hiding something you is to admit cause of full control over said something and its relationship with everything.

Your fear would then disappear, because if your love was truly that really wouldn't have anything to lose, because you would own it all. And if fear (a resistance due to an inability to fully face what you do not understand) no longer has purpose, then it will cease to exist. This is the highest love possible.


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