Thursday, July 25, 2013


One of the most important things you can do to increase your level of total personal responsibility is to create viewpoints exterior to the one you are using right now while simultaneously receiving as a static zero-point.  By creating additional perceptic electronic terminals, you are even able to self-evaluate due to a postulated 2-way communication line via your awareness and the "awareness of awareness". This Perception of Zero is a synthesis of right mindfulness, observing ego, and metacognition. It works because you are completing a "cycle" of an electronic interchange. Much like an electric circuit, you need to complete a cycle for the proper effect to manifest. He who thoroughly understands this concept will do what needs to be done at the right specific time due to total
viewpoint examination and control over any zero-point receipt. This also means to feel how he wants to feel at any specific time.

With this ability, one can move towards being cause over himself and his emotions instead of being the effect of them which he thinks he has no control of. You see....if the environment is cause over your feelings and actions, then what is the purpose for you to have a viewpoint or even be able to differentiate at all? If you find yourself feeling a certain way that you dislike or don't care for, then you must ask yourself...who is doing the controlling? Who is the one that is controlling your body and experiencing its sensory perceptics? And if you do not believe you can control how you want to feel, then why are you playing a game that you cannot win? Why not allow others to just control your body and its actions by entirely forfeiting your "turns"? Even that requires your own admission.

The key here is to understand your current acceptance level. If you do not want to feel a certain way and are allowing others or your environment to "make" you feel that way, then you are allowing them to control you. That is the opposite of self-determinism. Even when an authoritative figure tells you to think a certain way because "that's what is right", you absolutely must receive this communication from a static zero-point, create viewpoints all around that which is received, and then evaluate what is right for yourself through a thorough examination of each viewpoint. Before you can have any trust, faith, belief, or do anything, you must first "be" the source of your own determinism.

And because your environment will always be in a state of change (potential to be unpredictable), then this is why you must "be" something that does not change when you accept. This is an equalization of this particular type of flow. Equalization leads to predictability and thus understanding potential. This is done by the postulation of beingness symbolized as the number "0". That which enters in and passes through "0" is received as it truly is while the recipient "0" also stays the same. Anything + or - towards a zero will always follow this law. This is the essence behind the Perception of Zero, and it's the only way you can see the truth about anything.

So, the next time you reactively feel any emotion you do not want to immediately know that you did not freely accept incoming communication from a static (unchangeable) zero-point receipt. And until you straighten out your postulates in regards to your own self-control, you will continue to distort that reality via inconsistent, inconvenient, and uncooperative communication. Thus, you will see the truth about nothing at all.


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