Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Law of Reverse Vectors

In order to make life go right, one must understand The Law of Reverse Vectors. This understanding will provide the "flow" needed in order for your stress and desires to be equalized....and thus easily manageable. This is what creates the balance you need in your life. The misunderstanding of this law causes emotional instability due to resistance.

This is the basic idea behind the law. Too much energy towards something causes the reverse effect to happen. This is why falseness had to be thoroughly understood before the truth would appear. This is an example of how necessary cooperation (a form of beauty) is in order to reach truth. One has to cooperate with falseness in order to perceive truth. If you resist falseness (and many people

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Source of Love

He who controls his space the most...loves the best.


Through infinitely simple flexibility, one becomes effortlessly charitable. Nothing can attack his resource management, because he can adapt to anything in an easily reproducible manner. If one is in full control of his space, he will have the highest desire to be who he is at that time. That is what love for oneself really means. This is the type of person that will freely donate resources to others due to his abundance.

This is how you get love from the world....not by asking for it. You must become the source of it. Then, you will realize that love is everywhere...all the time.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Proper Sequence

Recently, I've noticed that a lot of people are having problems from simply doing things out of proper sequence. They are trying to do certain things to get a specific result, but the sequence is out of order. Even if you are doing the right thing, it will only work properly if it's done at the right time as well. This all relates to properly timed actions....which is why the understanding of "time" is so crucial. Through this, one can learn about patterns and proper sequencing as they are directly related.

In my Time Distortion post, I was trying to help everyone understand some of these concepts and how to effectively communicate those to the world. It is a process that needs to be followed in a specific order. If it was to be done out of

Saturday, September 22, 2012


As previously discussed in my post on True Power, emotional control is of tremendous importance. You must have true love for oneself before you can truly love others. This is accomplished by walking your own path to complete understanding of everything along the way. This is what will define who you really are. Along this path, you will encounter many issues and problems that can all be sorted based on what you want from the world (Desire) and what the world wants from you (Stress). The key to emotional control is through the proper management of them. This may also require a willingness to shatter and remodulate your current belief systems.


Stress is a negative force representing what the world wants from you. It can potentially have four different effects on you based on your personal boundary

Thursday, August 16, 2012


When a technique must be countered through attribute assessment first, that's when your technique is reflecting truth. This includes the fact that timing and distancing transcends even force itself, although they are still within the boundaries of attributes. The point here is attributes need to be thoroughly understood before techniques are even evaluated. To the degree you do not, you are lost. It should also be understood that perception and intelligence exist outside of what I'm trying to explain here. Those two attributes transcend everything else matter in regards to this physical plane or not.


This is one of the reasons why perception is of the highest caliber in regards to

Friday, July 27, 2012

Absolute Stillness = Infinite Motion

My mind is in motion, but my body is still. Therefore, my body can be wherever I want it to be, because my mind is everywhere all at once. This is because through absolute stillness, one will actually find an "all encompassing" motion that is infinite in proportional value.

Each person has an infinite, energy potential "sphere" around them. To the degree that you expand this "sphere", the amount of truth you can see of this world will be proportional. It is important to understand the dynamic between the sphere and motion, because one who has a huge sphere can cause drastic changes to

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


All entities operate at certain frequency levels. These frequency levels determine which zone in the emotional table we are in. Outside frequencies also influence which range we will be in. Sometimes, people will use music to help them move into a more preferable zone.

We like certain music, because it reminds us of specific operational zones we usually work in. This is why we listen to different music based on how we feel at the time or what we desire to feel like. To the degree that harmonic sounds align with patterns familiar to our own frequencies, we will have an affinity for them. It's like two wave length graphs held up separately and then placed onto one-another. Then, you could physically see why or why not you like something based on the similarities. You feel comfortable listening to things that remind you

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Social Skills

The first thing you need to do is Keep it 100....if you dont know for sure what that is....refer to this post Keeping it 100. 

Communication is the act of sending and receiving information.

  1. The first thing you need to do is ask yourself. "What am I really trying to accomplish here?"
  2. You need to have non-attachment to your pre-supposed results. 
  3. You need to be present-minded. Some people call this "metacognition" or "observing ego". 
  4. You need to have thorough data collection and understanding of that data

Saturday, June 30, 2012


Be intent on action....not on the fruits of action. Be impartial to failure and success. Attachment to results brings desire, suffering, frustration, and anger. So, one should not act out of such attachments. Rather, the disciplined person acts with equanimity and commitment to duty.

- Krishna

The key here is that people waste a lot of energy on the expected result. Once you are able to let go of your expected result, you are able to see more truth. You will do well to let go of that desire, and work towards seeing what is really real. The goal here is to be more "free". To the degree that you are free, you will see more truth....and then take appropriate action.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Time Distortion

This post will address a current and ongoing project I've been working on. To be able to control and distort time has always been a fascination of mine. Here is a breakdown of where I'm at now.


How you see time now will determine where you start. All beliefs are created from a certain viewpoint. Everything will be limited to how far out you can see, and how far out you are willing to go.  If you find yourself getting "stuck", you either need to change physical location or your current mindset. If you are inflexible in this regard, you will consistently hit roadblocks.

Belief System

Your perception will create a belief system. You have to first believe that it may

Saturday, April 14, 2012

True Power

"If power is relative... then you need to be powerful relatively everywhere."


This is the basis of this blog post. In all this psychological material Ive been studying for many years, it seems apparent that power is understood to be relative based on external circumstances, and its relationship with you from within. Thus, it can be seen as a source of suffering based on its impermanent nature.

With this said, it's easy to see now that everything must be worked on continuously towards infinity. Anything that is of limitation cannot be of True Power. We need to find a way to be powerful in all circumstances...and at all times. This is why I made a tree graph to easily represent the way to awaken

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


If you think I'm wrong, then try to understand why I think I'm right. If you fully understand why I think I'm right, then you will know precisely why I think you're wrong. All paths follow a different trail, but they will all converge at the same point. If you don't think that's true, then you do not understand what the true self is.

You can only identify with what is most convenient, because you cannot see past your own limitations....for which truth has none. This simply means the limits

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Infinite Freedom

If man is a partial expression of divinity, then infinite freedom found within divinity is expressed through man as free-will. This is why man must always think for himself. If he does not, then he is actually moving away from divinity.... which embodies free-will.

Your reality is based on your considerations. To the degree that those considerations limit your freedom, you will move a proportional amount away from divinity.

If you desire to be closer to divinity, then you first need to give yourself more

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Examine Its Opposite

In order to fully understand anything, you must fully understand the property of its opposite. This works, because it gives you the perspective you need to see the bigger picture.

What is real = the reflection of its opposite thoroughly understood.

Triple Shadow Effect

Three phenomenon experienced at the same time allows the bending of the known world. This allows the known to be discovered as false and the unknown to become truth.

  • To Be (no resistance within oneself)
  • with no resistance (to anything external to oneself)
  • coinciding with an absolute degree of differentiation (intelligence)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Essence of Truth

Truth = pure, beautiful, and simple understanding. To the degree that what you are perceiving does not embody those 3 characteristics and collectively result in understanding, then you are not looking at truth. I originally learned this from Mega Genius...the most intelligent person on the planet at this time. This is my own attempt to take my collective knowledge and explain why truth reflects these characteristics. This will also work towards the understanding of why we are a part of ultimate truth. I hope that you enjoy this as much as I did trying to figure this out.

The three basic characteristics used to identify Truth

Monday, February 20, 2012

Definition of "Keeping it 100"

Keeping it 100, 1000, or real all equate to the same thing. It's a memeplex that has gone misunderstood for long enough. Im about to define how to really do it.

In order to "keep it real", one needs to only reflect truth. It's a very simple answer, because I now understand what that really means. Because most people do not understand truth, Im goin to break it down as far as I can at this time.

First things first, you cannot control people. Do not waste energy trying to control people. You can influence people, and that starts by having full control of yourself. Once you have full control of yourself, you can communicate your reflection of truth through "branding". This produces a win/win scenario for everyone. For now, think of things like this. You need to create a new "brand". We are goin to call that brand "You". We need this item to be of high value. You need people to have reasons why they should "buy into your stock".

Time and the memeplex of "you only live once"

If the ultimate goal is to know and fully understand everything, then once this has been attained, one becomes anything but bored. This is because once you fully understand all aspects of everything ("boredom" included), you are no longer bound by this artificial space/time boundary. Its just a consideration you know.....can easily be changed at anytime. This is because you have the power of choice and the essence of "experience" is infinite. So, even an entity that understood everything would still have the choice to be either "cause" or "effect"...thus impossible to be bored.

Even with infinite time, one still needs to feel as though they are accomplishing something. To do nothing would not be a waste of time, but a wasted opportunity to perpetuate understanding and experience. If doin "nothing" inhibits one's chances to understand, then there is also no intelligent reason as to why anyone should be in a state of boredom. Bored could be interpreted as "nothing", but true "nothing" is actually closer to infinite. This is because nothing and infinite start and end at the same place....and it's not within the

Controlling Time

If I could control time, I would make it easier for everyone to learn about themselves. I would do this by eliminating all memes that dont reflect truth. I would also have controlled experiments of darkness to counter their inevitable curiosity. By being open about what most would hide, I think people would make better decisions. This would be because they could now tell the "real" difference. There would be no need for stuff like fear, because they would already understand.

For instance, many people fear violence, but an assassin does not. With the

Law of Workability

3 C's of this law
  • Convenience
  • Consistency
  • Cooperation


It is impossible to be afraid and simultaneously think intelligently. Being afraid is part of the belief that you dont have ownership of how you want to feel. Accepting responsibility for this has never been about giving up, giving in, letting go, or any other similar concepts. Those are just forms of resistance to the world. To the degree you resist fear, you cannot simultaneously understand it. If you can fully face, equalize, and then accept it, the magic will be revealed. It never was there in the first place.

From within your core being, fear cannot exist. Fear is grown from

Unchangeable Truth

If everyone understood everything having to do with this place, we would all view this world the same. This is because truth is the same for everyone. So, if everyone views this world differently, then it's quite clear that most of us do not see the truth about this place. For if we did, we would all agree.


Communication...the act of sending information from one place to another and it producing the intended effects. An act that most people do not understand very well. I told someone recently to raise their communication skills intelligently in order for lower intelligence beings to understand as well. They were quick to tell me that they had already "dumbed it down" as far as it would go. Now, I know they were not doin the absolute best they could do, so I decided to take a different approach with them.

The Starting Point

This website will be a record of my way to Ultimate Truth. It will detail my experiences along this path. I have a particular affinity for philosophy, psychology, and proprioception/kinesthesia. Because of this, I am naturally a warrior/king archetype. Most of my material will reflect this, but I do expect to grow in understanding the other archetypes equally as well. I do hope the material here is of use to you in your journey.