Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Essence of Truth

Truth = pure, beautiful, and simple understanding. To the degree that what you are perceiving does not embody those 3 characteristics and collectively result in understanding, then you are not looking at truth. I originally learned this from Mega Genius...the most intelligent person on the planet at this time. This is my own attempt to take my collective knowledge and explain why truth reflects these characteristics. This will also work towards the understanding of why we are a part of ultimate truth. I hope that you enjoy this as much as I did trying to figure this out.

The three basic characteristics used to identify Truth


Falseness flows through and hovers around truth. Truth stays pure. It is absolute and unchangeable. It reflects that which is permanent. It stays true to its aim. It's reliable and consistent. Its purity reflects higher value...as with all things that are pure. Once all false things hiding truth are completely understood, truth is guaranteed to reveal itself. Its purity also reflects strength....it is of the undefendable and unstoppable.


Its purity reflects simplicity in itself. It is whats left when anything is thoroughly understood....pure simplicity. Once identified accurately, truth is easily acceptable. It reflects convenience. The essence of its pure simplicity reflects ease of use and effortless manageability. This reflects an increased overall success rate as well.


One achieves the highest love through absolute acceptance of, unlimited flexibility, and no fear/resistance towards. This state of no resistance will find truth, because it will allow for the highest level of understanding through the desire to occupy the same space(love). This desire is a pathway to truth, because it allows for only the truth to remain once falseness is thoroughly understood. The love between two that becomes one is a form of cooperation that reflects pure and simple beauty.

Collective understanding and "True Love"

Everyone has an affinity for things that reflect purity, simplicity, and beauty. These three traits breakdown into commonly used terms such as convenience(simplicity), consistency(purity), and cooperation(beauty). Because everyone wants to occupy the same space of that which reflects these traits, then these traits are a reflection of unchangeableness. It is precisely why this path leads us to wanting to have absolute understanding of them. Your responsibility sphere(100% responsibility for) embodies these traits and is a representation of your true characteristics and knowledge.

100% responsibility for + a reflection of pure, beautiful, and simple understanding = absolute understanding of/True intentions for

Absolute understanding of/True intentions for = true love

The true essence of yourself is what you have absolute love for and own full control of. Because of this, you should be able to display absolute self-mastery of that which is the true you. You do not have full control of your body nor can you display absolute self-mastery of it. If you could, you would never age and would live forever in your physical form...thus it cannot be the truth about you. Truth itself and truth about anything is unchangeable, and it has no limitations like the body. You do have full control of your "essence". It is unchangeable, and it's also what you and everyone else are naturally drawn to.

Anything that reflects pure, beautiful, and simple understanding, you will be drawn to it. It's why we connect with others we love, because through that projection onto others, we are reminded of our true selves. These traits and the collective wisdom embodied within your true essence are all you really have full control of. The real you is unchangeable. This also means if you dont see pure, beautiful, and simple understanding when you see someone else, you are not seeing the truth about them. You see falseness disguised as misunderstanding.

Love is a pathway to truth. Therefore, love for oneself is to understand the true self, and to be pure and simple in a beautiful way(cooperative with oneself/no resistance within oneself). A part of love means to not change based on what is outside of oneself. It is of the changeless state. This reflection of the "changeless state" and the desire to occupy the same space of the three most basic characteristics of truth lead me to believe we really are the essence of truth itself.


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