Monday, February 20, 2012


Communication...the act of sending information from one place to another and it producing the intended effects. An act that most people do not understand very well. I told someone recently to raise their communication skills intelligently in order for lower intelligence beings to understand as well. They were quick to tell me that they had already "dumbed it down" as far as it would go. Now, I know they were not doin the absolute best they could do, so I decided to take a different approach with them.

The idea was for you to lower the other person's perception of your intelligence indirectly. This way, the other person would turn their "reception" signal up because of an increased sense of familiarity. People inherently have an affinity with others that think similarly how they do. This is essentially emotional deception on a high level, but it does produce a win-win scenario through increased understanding....therefore it is still within good ethics.


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