Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Perception of Zero

If one's highest potentiality is directly related to truth, then it seems self-evident that the highest communication would be derived from an absolute understanding of how to deliver this based on that which we have the greatest affinity for. Within my Time Distortion post, I outlined this specific type of delivery system. It is the highest form of communication possible as it simultaneously reduces resistance potentiality, promotes reality congruence, and simple duplication. Any idea or concept is only as valuable as it is easily understood. Make it your business to help people understand this.

The first paragraph outlined the delivery system. Now, I will address the acceptance system. Other than perception, the dynamics behind this system are
vastly different to the delivery system. The further up in rank I go....the more I realize how important this system really is. I believe this system to be what is crushing most people. I will now outline where I am at this point.

Perception of Zero

From what I have gathered over the years so far, everything has to do with resistance. Resistance being defined as "an inability to freely accept".

You must first identify all the things you resist. This means going all the way back to source points of irresponsibility. If you have a close friend whom you trust, it would be a good idea to get his/her feedback on some things they think you resist too. Sometimes, you are resisting things and dont even realize it yourself....which is precisely why the resistance persists. Dont sell your friends short. They may be able to help you with some things even if your overall intelligence is higher than theirs.

Perception of Zero allows for the greatest potential adaptability to your environment. To get to Perception of Zero, one must unlearn his past and experience only through the present. The greatest experience is when it is pure....when there is no thought at all. Experience does not require thought. If you are thinking while you're experiencing, your mind is not blank. You are distorting reality, because you are adding to the nothingness of true experience.

One can only experience through the true present if he has already placed a decision of intent into the future. This allows the user to essentially live a little ahead of "time". If one of the definitions of life is "that which can make decisions", then you are only alive to the degree that you have placed controlled decisions into the future. In this way, your present becomes an experience of intent from the future....not a product of causality from the past. This is how to get "unstuck" from delusion and control more of the physical universe.

If truth is a particular kind of "nothingness", then a zero-point receipt is a truth about anything received. And if one can create viewpoints all around that which is received, and thoroughly examine all viewpoints with the highest affinity possible, then one can observe an absolute truth. Perception of Zero is like the receiving mirror of truth. It can perfectly duplicate whatever is received. It is the highest form of an exclusion of assumptions, because it is on all the time. This allows total control of one's state that is never dependent on outside stimuli.

Perception of Zero defined as a static mindfulness that reflects an attentive awareness of reality from a zero-point receipt.

This flow here represents how I understand it at this time. It is a synthesis of many works that Ive pulled from for many years now.

  • The intent of "Perception of Zero" placed into the future.
  • State of Blankness / Nothingness / No thought
  • Focus of "no-focus" through peripheral vision....the rods of the visual system pick up environmental change much quicker than the cones. 
  • Ability to create any viewpoint at will
  • To freely accept without self-change is to experience the greatest beauty.
  • The greatest beauty is contained within the greatest love for.
  • Love defined as "the desire to occupy the same space" is the intent of beauty in action.
  • The willingness to occupy the same space is to have the highest degree of potential ability to differentiate due to reality congruence.
  • Higher ability to differentiate leads to total understanding of.
  • Total understanding of leads to unity which has no resistance due to non-duality of its intent.
  • Truth
  • Truth Distortion Lens disappears due to the production of Falseness losing necessity once truth is realized in its totality.

From here on out, this will be the acceptance system I use. If Im able to refine this further, I will update this accordingly. I hope that it will help you in your travels.


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