Monday, April 29, 2013

The Static Self

Full acceptance of is a form of love due to the desire to occupy the same space. To fully have anything is to experience it from a static mindful state as in a receipt from Perception of Zero. Through absolute acceptance, one is able to display the greatest love for and subsequent full ownership of. This enables total understanding potentiality due to reality congruence, and thus the ability to perfectly duplicate due to a zero-point receipt.

Anything from a zero-point receipt can be easily controlled due to exact understanding of its anatomy, structure, dynamics, and postulates. To the degree
you receive as it truly is, you will increase the control potential of it. One must have affinity for that which he desires to control. 

This is why you must embody true love for oneself through an absolute acceptance of oneself. To the degree you communicate this love to oneself and others (through convenience, consistency, and cooperation, collectively), the more you will experience the static reality of your most basic characteristics (simplicity, purity, and beauty, collectively) viewed through truth itself. This absolute desire to be who he is leads to the highest degree of knowingness he can attain. Thus, you will know who you truly are and display self-mastery to this degree.

The embodiment of total control enables you to create effects at will, and if you are willing to admit to being cause of these effects, then you understand the essence of True Power. To be able to control yet not admit to being cause of this control is to be covert, and thus you are hiding something you are not really in full control of. If you were in full control, you would admit to being cause (responsibility), because that's also admitting to yourself that your control is a static ....and thus unchangeable. If you have nothing to lose, then you also have nothing to fear. Thus, to admit cause reflects a higher form of control (absolute) and subsequent power potential.


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