Friday, November 25, 2016

The Mastery of Falseness

So if truth itself is a constant, and therefore unchangeable, it must inherently (due to polarity through creative expression and subsequent acceptance) be everywhere as a container for all of that which is false. And because truth is realized through a reflection of who we really are, and it's directly associated with us through beauty, purity, and simplicity, then it became clear to me that those 3 characteristics needed a sub-division and subsequent examination as I explored the entire spectrum. If everyone has these characteristics due to the ultimate attraction to these 3 through total embodiment of them, then therein lies the connection point to each other as well. To get data from point a to point b, you not only need proper duplication of the total understanding from source, but you also need
some sort of delivery (expression) system to make sure it has the highest chance to get there in its original form. The way to make sure something is well-received is for the expression to embody that which you already have high affinity for. If everyone already has these 3 characteristics as their core essence, then an expression method based on these will have the highest success rate as congruency affords high receptibility.

3c Expression

It concerns identifying necessity, gathering all data in regards to necessity, and then expressing it with an active intelligence that is perceived to be:

  • convenient, simple, easily replicated, organized, predictable
  • consistent, pure,  manageable, stable, diligent, low motion/change potential
  • cooperative, beautiful, adaptable, charitable, no resistance, inclusive, attractive

I now call it "3c expression". This also works on yourself (e.g. the body/vehicle type), as it undoubtedly should. Obviously, this is for the increase of understanding capacity between separate terminals. For a decrease of understanding capacity, one need only to inverse the 3c expression:

  • inconvenient, unpredictable, random, complicated
  • inconsistent, unstable, high motion /change potential, unreliable
  • uncooperative, resistance, stringent, exclusive, detractive

In order to effectively trick another, one must bury misunderstanding underneath the expression of convenience, consistency, and cooperation through an illusory perceptic suitable for the target to accept as truth for long enough (meaning that a sufficient amount of viewpoints in relation to target terminal have been modulated to align with the "parallel" truth in action) so that the intention behind its creation can be facilitated to completion.  


As far as memes go, they are almost indestructible based solely on the fact that many of them follow the same 3c pattern described above. Whoever started these things way back when must have known this secret and is precisely why they have such a grip on mankind. Some memes following the 3c pattern do not result in sufficient understanding though, so they can still be easily differentiated by simply being patient and following the line to the endpoint. The most destructive memes follow the 3c pattern perfectly, and therefore usually result in the total blinding of the perceiver. Patience, and the exclusion of assumed motion/change potential will be of tremendous importance here, as the truly destructive ones are closely aligned with a true path towards understanding.

Lying and its bodily expression

One can place images of truth in your mind's eye that relate and coordinate with its communicative relations. If there is enough truth involved, the body will communicate in accordance with the highest demand i.e. offering less resistance in that direction. This is why it's easier to bodily express along a path parallel to truth itself. Dynamically smooth motion density is attained when a high degree of truth is reflected.  If an intention is tied to this with truth deviation, then that motion will come with proportional resistance towards a dynamically smooth deviation of some sort.

Therefore, a well established lie forms parallel to truth in its intention and subsequent execution, as it continuously reflects 3c expression with a dangerously assimilative congruency. This allows for the body to express itself without a need for chaotic gaps or counter-intuitive movements misaligned with the original intention. 


Both truth and falseness reflect the containment and control potential that everyone so desires---but to know, understand, and control all that he is NOT requires one to be willing to examine not-self with a similar degree of control desire. This allows one to experience the true depth of falseness containment. His own most basic reflection is always but one "thing" seen through "no thing", but its depth can only be truly known and understood through the diverse experience of the many falseness interpretations. For truth resides everywhere falseness claims to be, but the reverse of this is not true. Truth can stand alone, as it is the creator of falseness; it can hold all that it is not, because it is not a copy. It is that which allows for the creative expression of the copy or "not-self". It is always the same, because it is that which governs an allowance of freedom to intelligently express itself to experience.

This is why any copy of truth is inherently the expression of falseness on purpose. It is the only way to experience once something has owned all experience potential. Through this active intelligence, one learns to love himself and all that he is not, because that is the intelligent thing to do in order to continuously facilitate the expression of a new conditioned copy (truth duplicate) from unlimited viewpoints/angles that can examine and differentiate itself through continuous cycles of action and observation. And because both are so closely aligned at the root level---yet so vastly different throughout, it becomes undeniably clear that it's necessary to master falseness because of its vast spectrometry, as it allows for an intelligent progression of truth to be realized as one approaches any of its outer "edges" through perceptive mastery from his own starting position (the dimensional points of high falseness transparency/realized clarity piercing through the truth distortion lens).

For the fastest way to truth is found through the mastery of its polarized creation (falseness). He who understands this must communicate it carefully, as one can easily be seen as being evil with nefarious intentions. One must master all nefarity to see the true beauty of all creations. The evil he masters enables the highest degree of love he can have. He doesn't have to "do" evil things.... He must master it through whatever type of knowingness and responsibility he can attain.

To attain more understanding and control here, you must master what is evil. Love forced too much produces evil, therefore you cannot only know love. You must understand why you hate and resist (no love) certain things---which is ironically mastered through more love and responsibility for it. That's why hurt and pain persist here so much; it's because you resist evil, which is precisely what you do not need to do. This is why you must have love for evil in order to control the effects it will have on you and the environment. If not you.... Who else will have the control? And if evil is really just a conglomerate of falseness, then you must learn and understand falseness until it no longer has purpose. It will then erase for you, and you'll see a clear truth that needs no purpose to be as it is totally free. This clarity cannot be erased; you can only choose to forget, because one can never find the line for which it sits to be reverse vectored as it is an embodiment of regulated chaos (TotalTruth).

For even the darkest of a man can see the light within himself. Whether that light is perceived as darkness remains irrelevant. For it is total darkness that holds the key to all bright lights, because it is the container from which light can emanate amongst any interpretation of true chaos. Therefore, one finds truth through the mastery of where he cannot see the light, for then only he will remain.


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