Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Examine Its Opposite

In order to fully understand anything, you must fully understand the property of its opposite. This works, because it gives you the perspective you need to see the bigger picture.

What is real = the reflection of its opposite thoroughly understood.

What is real happiness = the reflection of sadness thoroughly understood.

What is real power = the reflection of weakness thoroughly understood.

What is real truth = the reflection of falseness thoroughly understood.

This is how I originally found out that through absolute stillness, one finds the potential for infinite, all-encompassing motion.


Melissa said...

i think i get it. the one about happiness i obviously relate to most and thats the one i focused on most to try to understand. ive read and re-read. thanks for insight. great as always Ant. :)

SynTerm said...

I will expand on this here soon. Its part of a higher law that will explain this in more detail. This was posted to get people to think a little.

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