Monday, February 20, 2012

Law of Workability

3 C's of this law
  • Convenience
  • Consistency
  • Cooperation

Convenience is important, because it is simple in nature. The more complicated things are...the more difficult it will be to keep things convenient and thus simple. Anytime things or ideas are getting complicated, serious, or tedious, its time to take a step back and evaluate where the transition happened and examine it thoroughly. Everyone has an affinity for convenience. This is because simplicity is one of our 3 most basic characteristics. You will always like things, ideas, or concepts that remind you of yourself.

Consistency plays a key role as well. Without consistency, systems fall apart quickly and become haphazard and unreliable. This causes emotional confrontations and instability due to its unpredictability. Ideas, concepts, goals, conditions, ethics, promotion, discipline, etc, should all come from a pure standpoint that does not waver due to a lack of communication.....which is exactly why most systems lose consistency.....lack of communication. Consistency reflects the trait of purity...another one of the 3 most basic characteristics of ourselves.

Cooperation is vital, because all dreams need helping hands. Its not just about surrounding yourself with helpful people either. Even your ideas, concepts, systems, need to be formulated from a perspective that will lend itself helpful to a greater good. It needs to be receptive, inviting, intriguing, while also being consistent and convenient in its execution. It needs a dynamic flexibility that lends itself to others in order for them to freely be able to both give and receive help at anytime. When cooperation has all rockets pointing in the same direction, it reflects the trait of beauty....the last of the 3 most basic characteristics.

Convenience, consistency, and cooperation reflect simplicity, purity, and beauty. Thus, anything great man ever accomplishes will adhere to those traits, because they reflect the truth that lies within our core being.

To the degree a principle, idea, or concept adheres to all 3, it will succeed.


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