Monday, February 20, 2012

Controlling Time

If I could control time, I would make it easier for everyone to learn about themselves. I would do this by eliminating all memes that dont reflect truth. I would also have controlled experiments of darkness to counter their inevitable curiosity. By being open about what most would hide, I think people would make better decisions. This would be because they could now tell the "real" difference. There would be no need for stuff like fear, because they would already understand.

For instance, many people fear violence, but an assassin does not. With the
right memes in place, it would be like an assassin that doesnt need to kill. Being balanced and centered like this reflects a Genius attribute. This could be done in present times as well, but will take much longer. By controlling time, one could ironically "speed up" this process by weeding out all the bullshit and starting fresh. There are many things to "unlearn".


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