Monday, February 20, 2012

Definition of "Keeping it 100"

Keeping it 100, 1000, or real all equate to the same thing. It's a memeplex that has gone misunderstood for long enough. Im about to define how to really do it.

In order to "keep it real", one needs to only reflect truth. It's a very simple answer, because I now understand what that really means. Because most people do not understand truth, Im goin to break it down as far as I can at this time.

First things first, you cannot control people. Do not waste energy trying to control people. You can influence people, and that starts by having full control of yourself. Once you have full control of yourself, you can communicate your reflection of truth through "branding". This produces a win/win scenario for everyone. For now, think of things like this. You need to create a new "brand". We are goin to call that brand "You". We need this item to be of high value. You need people to have reasons why they should "buy into your stock".
The item needs to reflect truth in a relationship thats familiar with what people need and can easily understand. Your item needs to be durable and consistent(purity), cooperative and aesthetically pleasing(beauty), and offer convenience as well as ease of use(simplicity).


When someone says stuff like "who am I?", "find myself", "dont know who I am anymore".....all that equates to is an impurity/inconsistency. A person in this frame of mind simply has not figured out exactly what to say yes or no to....and appropriately take the responsibility of that decision. It's directly related to irresponsibility and lack of ethics.

If you want to reflect purity, you do this by embodying high emotional resources(strong person, character, easily deal with stress, strong boundary) as well as consistently make similar decisions(people can count on you, not wishy-washy, flaky). This is the essence of "purity". Anything that is of pure essence will be stronger and of higher value.


You need to take care of yourself and also help others to do the same. By being cooperative, more people will be happy and that in itself is a form of beauty. Being flexible and adaptable would also reflect a form of beauty. That would mean you fit in with more a color that can go wherever needed....and helps to create a more beautiful picture.

You should always have the desire to reflect beauty, because the essence of beauty attracts. This attraction to others is a form of love...which is the desire to occupy the same space. This means completely sharing resources(or complete donation). Infinite love for the world and its inhabitants is how one is to get to a state of divinity. This cooperation is how beauty is reflected even with no sight.


Your life needs to be organized and structured. Daily routines need to be mapped out, and broken down to be as efficient as possible. Everyday when you wake up, you need to have a general idea of what you would like to accomplish too. Im not saying your days cant be just saying that there should be no times where you are like....what to do next. If your days had structure, you would already know what will fit in at whatever time frame. This all reflects simplicity.

The key to simplicity is to fully understand how it relates with beauty and purity. Everyone likes things that are simple. If your product is reflecting simplicity, then an impulse buyer might buy right into it. Someone of higher value will look for the other traits too though, and then consolidate their information in order to understand your "brand's" collective meaning/value. This is why you need your item to be eye catching, sturdy and strong, and then simple in design and maintenance, for instance.

Keeping it 100

Any product that reflects pure, beautiful, and simple understanding will be bought by others. This is the highest essence of "Branding" yourself, because it reflects something everyone wants....Truth. When you do all of this, you are creating a brand that will produce win/win scenarios for everyone. That's keeping it 100.


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