Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Law of Reverse Vectors

In order to make life go right, one must understand The Law of Reverse Vectors. This understanding will provide the "flow" needed in order for your stress and desires to be equalized....and thus easily manageable. This is what creates the balance you need in your life. The misunderstanding of this law causes emotional instability due to resistance.

This is the basic idea behind the law. Too much energy towards something causes the reverse effect to happen. This is why falseness had to be thoroughly understood before the truth would appear. This is an example of how necessary cooperation (a form of beauty) is in order to reach truth. One has to cooperate with falseness in order to perceive truth. If you resist falseness (and many people
do), you will have no perspective...and thus are being limited.

A common example of falseness that people deal with everyday is projection. While projecting negativity, one is trying to relieve himself of some pressure that he unconsciously feels towards himself. He wants less pressure towards himself, so he obsessively directs it outwards. Then, the world directs it right back at him, because it's not cooperative with what it wants either. There is no balance, equalization, or cooperation during this exchange. This is why the vector reverses causing the opposite effect than what was desired. If he was cooperative about his preferences, the energy would be in a state of flow as the world will accept something that is being cooperative. Too much energy or pressure at one point in time usually results in chaos unless it is sent in the right direction first.

In all things you desire to understand, you must understand the property of its opposite. 
  • Freedom is realized through the understanding of rules, laws, barriers, and whatever limits.
  • Happiness requires the understanding of anger, fear, and delusion.
  • Success requires the understanding of why people fail.
  • Truth requires the understanding of falseness.
  • If you want help from the world, learn how to become the source of help.
  • If you want to change the world, you must first change yourself.
  • True Light can only be seen from the understanding of total darkness.
As you can see from above, you can make this law work for you once it is thoroughly understood. The key here is do not obsess over what you want. Work towards your goal (balanced energy) while simultaneously understanding the property of what you don't want. If you don't put your energy in the right direction first, you will actually push away what you want. Make the law work for you...point the energy in the opposite direction while still remaining true to your original intent. This form of beauty (mystery) is an attractor pattern and is precisely why this law works so well.

It would be a good idea to understand that this is all based on attractor and resistor patterns. Attractor patterns can sometimes be mysterious too. You would do well to understand mystery and its role within the beauty of finding truth. None of this is coincidence....this was all setup this way on purpose to make this game of life more interesting.


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