Monday, February 20, 2012

Time and the memeplex of "you only live once"

If the ultimate goal is to know and fully understand everything, then once this has been attained, one becomes anything but bored. This is because once you fully understand all aspects of everything ("boredom" included), you are no longer bound by this artificial space/time boundary. Its just a consideration you know.....can easily be changed at anytime. This is because you have the power of choice and the essence of "experience" is infinite. So, even an entity that understood everything would still have the choice to be either "cause" or "effect"...thus impossible to be bored.

Even with infinite time, one still needs to feel as though they are accomplishing something. To do nothing would not be a waste of time, but a wasted opportunity to perpetuate understanding and experience. If doin "nothing" inhibits one's chances to understand, then there is also no intelligent reason as to why anyone should be in a state of boredom. Bored could be interpreted as "nothing", but true "nothing" is actually closer to infinite. This is because nothing and infinite start and end at the same place....and it's not within the
boundaries of time.

This is why "you only live once" is such a terrible memeplex. Its message suggests that one should live their lives in such a way that embodies the greatest amount of experiences. People incorrectly assign "experience" as "gain happiness". This is both wrong and the path of misunderstanding. One needs both data and experience as well as having used them in many situations in regards to your own happiness and others'. This equals the intent to be wise in one's decisions and actions. Your actions are based on the understanding of yourself and your environmental relationship. This "relationship" of events is what we perceive of as "time". So, to live your life in such a way as to suggest you only have one life is still no different as to how one should live if one had an infinite amount of them. The core essence of each should be exactly the same. If they are not, you are not seeing the bigger picture, and more than likely do not understand something about yourself. The sooner you let go of your considerations of what time really is, the sooner truth will be revealed to you.


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