Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Reality Breaker

A lot of the skill here is based on an extremely high level of responsibility. In order to admit cause and confront, one must also be willing to freely accept the effects caused from said postulate. It's a two-way street that has to be understood both ways. Otherwise, the control level of said responsibility would not be a static.... and thus based on conditionality which cannot be the highest attainment.

  • Affinity is the limiter of reality assessment.
  • One must have emotional stability (love for oneself), effective resource management (love for the environment), and an ability to be Indifferent (love for neutrality).
  • One must discover any points where thoughts arise or are judged and have love for the annihilation of them.
  • One must annihilate them by creation of a zero-point receipt, reverse vector duplicate.
  • This will require one to think, recall, learn, and do things backwards or in reverse.
  • Postulate your perception into the symbol of a flat line (I also use a "finger tap motion" while doing this....index to thumb).
  • Then, shorten the line to be a zero-point while postulating a circular barrier around it to inhibit further thought disturbance.

  • Increased responsibility affords a bigger sphere of relational influence.
  • More relationships lead to more perceived events compared to previous reality assessment.
  • More events realized within the same amount of period duration distorts the perception of time.
  • This leads one to believe that more time has passed when it has not.
  • In one's personal universe, this is perceived as time slowing down compared to previous assessment of reality or one's knowledge base of a postulated ideal reality.
  • Ability to see more with less time = more control of time via heightened perception which governs the understanding of motion and its relativity.
  • This allows one to cause, experience/allow, and cause counter effort at will in order to fully control motion in his sphere of responsibility.
  • At its highest level, there is no need for thought while experiencing. This is because once you've gone through all of these steps, you've already placed decisions into the future to have the highest level of freedom now by being that which can postulate no limitation and do as he pleases. This is the road to invincibility, and it's the first step required in the mastery of chronokinesis.


ProBoler said...

Thank you Anthony. This Post enabled me to understand projecting intent into the future better. I don't understand the last two points concerning Affinity. Could you provide an example? This post really helped me understand and even control time better, resulting in an instantaneous spate of resources...


SynTerm said...

No problem Jax. I'm glad you like it. I wrote a new post (Intuition) to clarify my use of those symbols in the straightening of confusion. It will make more sense once you see how I am framing it.

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