Saturday, January 12, 2013


Even change itself stays the same if it changes forever.


This is the essence of infinite flexibility/adaptability. The perception of delivery may change, but the core does not. In this case here, if it continues to change forever, it has actually become a constant....which is pure at its core.

True change is pure in essence. Once one has reached a state of purity, that must be a part of the highest refinement. What is real must be the essence of
absolute purity...and thus an absolute change. A type of change that reflects the beauty of an all-encompassing change. The type of change that stays the same forever.

This is why one must be flexible and adaptable along his road to truth. Using the characteristic of beauty to cooperate with your environment will provide for the greatest potential to see truth. And if your change is simple and pure in its intent, you will see it every time. You will then realize you never really changed at all; you just realized who you really were, and that's a beautiful thing.


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