Tuesday, February 12, 2013


That which is worked towards with understanding can never be injurious, because anything thoroughly understood can never be a problem. Therefore, that which is not a problem supports life...and thus cannot be injurious. If truth results in absolute understanding, then problems cannot be real as they are a product of falseness....the opposite of truth.

This means the only thing a problem can ever hurt is he who is not understanding. The level of intent to work towards understanding nullifies the problem to that specific degree until the intent is so strong that the problem
ceases to exist.

Problems usually result in anger, fear, and delusion...which are all resistor patterns. In this particular case, a continual flow of this energy is not desirable. The negative energy (stress) is attracted to us through the "problem", so we now need to equalize it until it dissipates. This is done through true love for that which is problematic. This is because "true love for" is a pathway to "ultimate understanding of". Sometimes, "true love for" can appear to be "no love for"...especially in the teaching of responsibility and ethics.

The understanding and proper delivery of attractor patterns is what is key here. This includes the understanding of when to "love" and when to apparently "not love". True love for is the "intent in action" that is necessary, and proper delivery is done via attractor patterns described in my Time Distortion post. The diligent balance of these patterns (as well as their opposites when necessary) results in a love that will last forever due to mystery. It is a game where you must be aware of what is necessary... and at what specific times while still having the freedom to personalize the event.

The mystery of the apparent "not love" is an attractor pattern too. It is the reason why one must keep his individuality, yet still have the freedom to be connected to a "source" if the need arises. Therefore, the conventional understanding of "Love" is not enough anymore. If it were, the world would have changed for the better a long time ago. One must continue down his own path to ensure independent growth, yet also not forget the "source" (for example: significant other, belonging to a group, divinity figure, etc.) for which he comes from and desires to return to.

This is why the greatest love is inclusive yet independent at the same time while simultaneously growing in responsibility. Each party needs to freely live their own dreams and help others to do the same. The apparent duality of "my dreams or your dreams", "do you love me or not?", and "either accept me as I am, or you can't have me" all start to become meaningless once you thoroughly understand them. This is because duality pushed to its highest limits does not grow further apart....it actually forms its opposite. Then, there is only unity and has no opposite, because it is all-encompassing and pure in nature. That is where you will find understanding.


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