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True Power

"If power is relative... then you need to be powerful relatively everywhere."


This is the basis of this blog post. In all this psychological material Ive been studying for many years, it seems apparent that power is understood to be relative based on external circumstances, and its relationship with you from within. Thus, it can be seen as a source of suffering based on its impermanent nature.

With this said, it's easy to see now that everything must be worked on continuously towards infinity. Anything that is of limitation cannot be of True Power. We need to find a way to be powerful in all circumstances...and at all times. This is why I made a tree graph to easily represent the way to awaken
this True Power from within. It is a synthesis of every religion and philosophical ideology throughout history. I simplified all of the knowledge into a model that I believe will stand the test of time.

The goal of this is to help everyone gradually increase their rank over time. With increased rank, your survivability rate will go up and you will find happiness from within yourself....which is not dependent on outside sources. Here is the graph:

Pyramid Of True Power

  1. Perception
This is your viewpoint. Everything is limited to how you perceive it. Until one sees Truth, your perception will be ever-changing. Once you see Truth, your perception of that which is becomes absolute and unchangeable. This is why it's important to understand that you need to have flexible considerations. To the degree that you do not, you will progress no further.  One cannot differentiate with what he cannot is simply an impossibility, because perception governs intelligence. And if one cannot differentiate, then one cannot tell the difference between truth and falsehood and thus is lost.

    2.  Intelligence

The essence of intelligence is your ability to differentiate. To be able to to discern the difference between one thing and another is of the highest importance. It is second only to it is governed by it. The role of intelligence is to be the intermediary between what an individual does and how they see the world and thus "are".

Base of Pyramid = Action 
  •  Emotions
  •  Responsibility
  •  Ethics
  •  Diligence


Affinity is the degree of liking or affection, or lack of it. It is the feeling of love or liking for something or someone. More technically, it is the desire to occupy the same space.

Emotion is the energy manifestation of affinity. One must have true love for oneself before he can truly love others. Your love for and understanding of will always be limited to the state of love you feel for yourself. To love the true self is to understand and recognize what that truly is. 

Everyone wants love from this place. If you want something from this place, you must first become the origination point of that which you desire. If you don't believe that to be true, then that is precisely why you don't have what you want. It's easy to understand once you have no resistance within yourself. You freely accept things in this place and become the "essence" of understanding. This is the pathway to controlling how you want to feel. In my post on Emotions, I discuss exactly how to do this.


Responsibility is properly defined as “willingness to admit cause.” Responsibility sometimes begins with remembering and realizing that you caused something, which is admitting it to yourself.

Responsibility does not necessarily include any action. It may result in a subsequent admission, but it does not necessarily consist of anything other than a willingness to do something … admit cause.

Some things to consider would be your:
  •  Health
  •  Sexual desires and creativity
  •  Entertainment
  •  Career and Life Goals
  •  Helping others
  •  Budgeting and Resource management (physical and emotional)
  •  Knowledge (organized and efficient information)(book smarts)
  •  Experience (flexible and adaptable information)(street smarts)
  •  When and what to say "yes" or "no" to (personal boundary control)
  •  Inability to accept rejection
I can elaborate on any of this in the future if anyone needs further assistance.


Ethics.....the subject has perplexed man for quite some time now. It is why people dont agree on what they feel is right or wrong. It is a subject that is saturated in misunderstanding. Once it is understood though, it becomes very simple just like all other subjects.

Nothing is beyond understanding. If you believe something is, then that is why it will be hard to understand for you....your consideration of that. That is the only thing that holds people back from understanding and acceptance. This is why people misunderstand and thus resist this place....their inflexible considerations. To the degree you form inflexible considerations, you will view life as a tragedy.

The basic reason for any difficulty is an insufficiency of ethics. The word ethics means understanding and applying the best solution. The highest ethical code in the grand game of life, in this universe, is to always follow the course of the greatest good for the greatest number of impulses, urges, or dynamics toward survivalness. There are eight such dynamics, which are these:  

  • The urge to survive as, or through, oneself, meaning as the person with a body, such as John Doe, himself.
  • The urge to survive as, or through, some form of family and the urge to survive as a sexual or creative entity.
  • The urge to survive as, or through, a group or groups.
  • The urge to survive as, or through, humankind.
  • The urge to survive as, or through, all life forms (plants and animals).
  • The urge to survive as, or through, the physical universe.
  • The urge to survive as, or through, all spiritual entities.
  • The urge to survive as, or through, infinity.

To follow the course of the greatest good for the greatest number of these impulses, urges, or dynamics toward survivalness is different from doing whatever brings about the greatest good for the greatest number of people.

If an act will help the greater number of the eight dynamics, then it is an ethical act. If an act will harm the greater number of the eight dynamics, then it is an unethical act. Occasionally, an act will appear to help four and harm four. If so, it does not make much difference whether it is done or not.

Remember, you must consider acts of both commission and omission. It's also important to  understand that to truly want others to survive is to understand that you also have True Intentions for....which only manifests once you know and understand your true self. This results in meaningful connections with others. Through these connections with others, we learn more about ourselves and move closer to Ultimate Truth. This is where that happiness from within comes from....the unchangeable source.


An individual needs to have a pure aim to where he wants to go. Once the main intention is known, he must persist with constant  effort while eliminating any contradictory or extraneous intentions. Through responsibility, one should have the necessary items and technology to accomplish one's goal. One need only to persist and not deviate from the main intention. You need to eliminate any factors that will interfere with your objectives and collaborate with like-minded individuals. Here are some things to consider:

  •  Routines
  •  Cooperation with others
  •  Elimination of Pride
  •  Limit and Limitless based goals
  •  Organization and Efficiency
  •  Integration of "Street Smarts" to ensure mindful adaptability when needed
  •  Constant use of proper technology to ensure high success rate

The Way the Graph Works

With a certain perspective, one experiences the world. With this viewpoint, one uses intelligence to tell the difference between what was and what is now. This is represented via the "down" arrow. With this collective understanding, one uses the understanding to work on the base attributes found in the bottom of the pyramid. Once the base attributes have been worked through with the current level of understanding, then one can work back up to intelligence and discern the difference between before and now. This is represented via the "up" arrow. This will give an individual a new perspective.  Once you have a new perspective via your perception, you can go back through the graph downwards through intelligence and re-figure out the difference from before. This is then applied to the bottom four attributes again....and continues towards an infinite understanding.


I made this graph, because I feel as if it's easier for people to relate with visual aids. The goal of this post is to truly make this world a better place. The more everyone presents their true self, the happier everyone will truly be. This graph will be a road map to show your true self and thus increase your rank  in this world.  My understanding of each piece may change slightly over my lifetime here at this place, but I truly believe that this Pyramid Of True Power  will stand the test of time. It encompasses all ideologies into the smallest amount of pieces to learn and thus is a higher technology.


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