Wednesday, March 21, 2012


If you think I'm wrong, then try to understand why I think I'm right. If you fully understand why I think I'm right, then you will know precisely why I think you're wrong. All paths follow a different trail, but they will all converge at the same point. If you don't think that's true, then you do not understand what the true self is.

You can only identify with what is most convenient, because you cannot see past your own limitations....for which truth has none. This simply means the limits
you place on yourself are only considerations and thus are only a product of falseness....the opposite of truth. To the degree that your information results in understanding, then that is precisely how much worth it embodies.

If that information results in entities not appreciably becoming more intelligent over long periods of time, then this is precisely how much value it reflects. To become more intelligent should be the goal of any religion or philosophy. Intelligence is what produces "knowledge worth knowing"....which embodies the understanding of what's true and what's false. If your way of thinking is not producing an increase in how one differentiates, then you are merely replicating what has already been said or written with no filter. To the degree that one cannot think for himself, he is not free.


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