Friday, July 27, 2012

Absolute Stillness = Infinite Motion

My mind is in motion, but my body is still. Therefore, my body can be wherever I want it to be, because my mind is everywhere all at once. This is because through absolute stillness, one will actually find an "all encompassing" motion that is infinite in proportional value.

Each person has an infinite, energy potential "sphere" around them. To the degree that you expand this "sphere", the amount of truth you can see of this world will be proportional. It is important to understand the dynamic between the sphere and motion, because one who has a huge sphere can cause drastic changes to
himself and his environment with little to no motion.

Start with the five senses, and then expand into things you think are real or not real. Just experience it. You can even expand your sphere by doing something as simple as reading this. You increase the sphere’s strength by learning how to tell the difference between what is real and what is not....what is a part of who you really are, and what is not. You see, truth is what you really are. Understanding that will lead you to total freedom. 

This is where the state of invincibility lies, because you can now give yourself the choice....something you felt you never had before. You do have a choice, and the truth(the real you inside) will be revealed once your personal boundary has been pushed to its limits and beyond. Once you go to that place with no will know.


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