Thursday, August 16, 2012


When a technique must be countered through attribute assessment first, that's when your technique is reflecting truth. This includes the fact that timing and distancing transcends even force itself, although they are still within the boundaries of attributes. The point here is attributes need to be thoroughly understood before techniques are even evaluated. To the degree you do not, you are lost. It should also be understood that perception and intelligence exist outside of what I'm trying to explain here. Those two attributes transcend everything else matter in regards to this physical plane or not.


This is one of the reasons why perception is of the highest caliber in regards to
attributes. If one cannot perceive correctly, one cannot control time, and is thus conditioned by it. The highest attribute is to be conditioned by nothing...this being what I will call Divinity. It is whatever exists outside of the scope of physical understanding. Obviously, anything in this regard transcends all other attributes in regards to this physical plane of existence. This is easy to understand once you have experienced even a piece of it.


The next attribute is time. Time controls all other attributes within physicality. No force, speed, or agility will help you counter-balance the ability to control time. To be able to control all increments involving distancing from, depth, height, width, and their total relationship with you is by far the highest attribute other than divinity.


Agility is the next attribute. To be able to accelerate easily in any direction is of tremendous importance. It is more important than even "raw" speed itself. If one can have the ability to have tremendous speed, but cannot control the acceleration of it in any direction based on their needs, then it's not as useful as agility. In other words, it's more important to have directional control of speed than to just have speed itself. That's why agility is a higher attribute.


Speed comes next. Speed transcends force, because force is not only not capable without speed, but also because one cannot direct any force towards that which he cannot perceive correctly due to excessive amounts of speed. One must direct force, but you cannot do that unless you either have an equal amount of speed or the perceptive abilities to understand and thus control time.


Force is the last attribute. With proper mass, one will get force with appropriate speed. If that speed can be easily directed, it will result in agile power. That agility combined with an understanding of time will result in the highest attribute possible... besides divinity.

This is the final equation

Divinity > Time > Agility > Speed > Force

So, the next time you look into developing any new techniques for anything, it would be wise for your techniques to be evaluated through these attributes first.


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