Tuesday, July 10, 2012


All entities operate at certain frequency levels. These frequency levels determine which zone in the emotional table we are in. Outside frequencies also influence which range we will be in. Sometimes, people will use music to help them move into a more preferable zone.

We like certain music, because it reminds us of specific operational zones we usually work in. This is why we listen to different music based on how we feel at the time or what we desire to feel like. To the degree that harmonic sounds align with patterns familiar to our own frequencies, we will have an affinity for them. It's like two wave length graphs held up separately and then placed onto one-another. Then, you could physically see why or why not you like something based on the similarities. You feel comfortable listening to things that remind you
of yourself. This is how you can easily differentiate between music you like or don't like.

These harmonic flow patterns essentially represent energy in motion or "emotion".
Emotions are repetitive, harmonic sequences of electronic ridges, dispersals and flows. For example, monotony is a ridge (nothing moves), anger is a dispersal (an explosion), and fear is a flow (it goes right through one’s stomach and makes him feel sick).

The key to the highest frequency is through the understanding of how these harmonic flow patterns affect us....waves of thought, energy, and feelings. You can also control a field of these frequencies around you based on your level of understanding "truth". The highest level is a "player"....referring to this game of life. A player sees ultimate truth, thus giving him the power and authority, absolute ethics, can enter into any operational zone freely (emotions), and wields this with an incredibly high level of responsibility. If this were a wave length on a graph, it would be all encompassing from left to right and top to bottom. In other words, nothing would be unfamiliar and everything would be attracted to it.

This all means that understanding frequency levels is far more important than may be commonly known. From top to bottom, the understanding could be used to not only help unlock the infinite potential within us, but also to control, manipulate, and trap an individual. It would be an extremely high level of control. The individual would be completely oblivious as to what was really going on. This is why a high level of ethics is needed to wield such a power.


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