Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Proper Sequence

Recently, I've noticed that a lot of people are having problems from simply doing things out of proper sequence. They are trying to do certain things to get a specific result, but the sequence is out of order. Even if you are doing the right thing, it will only work properly if it's done at the right time as well. This all relates to properly timed actions....which is why the understanding of "time" is so crucial. Through this, one can learn about patterns and proper sequencing as they are directly related.

In my Time Distortion post, I was trying to help everyone understand some of these concepts and how to effectively communicate those to the world. It is a process that needs to be followed in a specific order. If it was to be done out of
order, one would probably become delusional. This is one of the reasons why you will hear someone say, "I'm not going to be nice to people anymore!".


For instance, lets say you are trying to be nice to people. That would be a great idea. Like all things though, it needs to be done at the right times as well. You have to look at things from a much broader perspective. When you try to be nice to people, what are you really trying to accomplish? This is why you start with adequate perception first, and then move into belief systems in which your foundation can be built.

Belief System

Once your foundation starts to build, you will realize how things actually work as opposed to what you thought before. This is the home built for your data and intellect. In regards to being nice, you have to time those occurrences for maximum impact as well as conservation of resources....which is the smart thing to do. In the world of attraction, your being nice at the wrong times could be limiting your success due to an imbalance with mystery....one of the sub characteristics of beauty. In the social world, your being nice at the wrong times could be hindering someone's ability to grow in maturity and subsequently their ability to survive and be happy. It's all about being able to differentiate....for which the essence of intelligence resides.

Delivery System

Once the foundation is sufficient, you can begin communicating the understanding you now have through a delivery system of some sorts. You can follow what I described in Time Distortion, or you can use something you currently feel comfortable with. The point is to go through this specific sequence before communicating your idea, concepts, or decisions. Your success rate will go up tremendously, because then you'll get what you really needed.....not just what you thought you wanted.


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